In 1973 things were very different: the people, the organization of work and its duties, the machine tools and the customers. In the beginning, there was a small workshop, a private garage, in which you got your hands dirty putting to practice the electromechanics you had learned in the laboratories of technical and professional institutes. Everything was within reach of those who really wanted to work, even the possibility of starting your own business, as, in fact, Nicolini Mario, Reggiano Luciano and Nicolini Luigi did (all in the photo).
Through the eyes of yesteryear, today appears more and more futuristic: anthropomorphic robots that assemble with millimetre precision, real-time data, accurate previsions about order situation, solar-powered plants, but the other side of the coin is a market that does not accept mistakes and rewards those who keep introducing innovations and enhancing performance.
We have willingly accepted the challenge, maintaining our own identity, which is not the result of market influences, but rather that of a history made up of men who, then as now, have relationships of trust with customers, who value skills and aspire to do one's best and always improving, in powering forward, which has been beating since 1973.
Soon we will publish the initiatives planned for the Anniversary!
In the photo
Mario Nicolini: standing, third from left; Luigi Nicolini: standing, first from right; Luciano Reggiani: stooped down, third from left.  


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